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That's enough about me - what do you think about me?

So what are YOU doing to become your own publicity agent in this month of March?
Ok, I’m going to self-indulge for a moment this week and I hope you stick with me, because this week’s blog really does have something for YOU too, if you just read on for…

FIT Comes of Age on Valentines Day

First Impression Training celebrate their 18th birthday
We’re feeling incredibly emotional this morning, in more ways than one, although all of these emotions are happy and positive ones because….. 18 years ago on 14th Feb…

Press #1 for the robot in charge or #2 for the woman who knows how you feel

Women have little to fear in the face of customer service artificial intelligence
Last week I enjoyed a fantastic day of learning & insight & sharing thoughts & ideas about what makes for a remarkable customer experience, with other “OCD’ers” (customer…

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