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Just When Is Customer Service Appropriate?

At what stage in the customer journey should service be delivered to customers?
When is Customer Service appropriate? I appreciate this may sound like a silly question so, to qualify it a little further… at what stage in the customer journey should…

Updated Privacy Notice

The GDPR deadline of 25th May is almost upon us so we've updated our Privacy Notice.
  The time is almost here! New GDPR privacy rules apply from 25th May 2018 so, whilst we've resisted the urge to run round the office screaming "We're all doomed" we do need…

Snatching failure from the jaws of success

How failure to properly manage and map your customer journey can lead to a poor customer experience
Our accountant is part of a rare group of financial experts who actually understand the challenges and tribulations of small business owners like me. He’s a member of our…

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