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Marie Cross - Extreme Customer Service Queen!

Purple Cow Wow's - Dylis Guyan interviews Marie Cross about how to avoid your business drowning in a sea of customer service sameness.
I’ve been on the speaking circuit of late and thoroughly enjoying addressing large audiences to help them better understand how to implement those small, simple improvements…

Why Would You Pay £197 For a Cup of Coffee?

This story proves the point that it's the SMALL things that can make a BIG difference to your customers experience.
A colleague of mine recently attended a Mastermind meeting - a regular get together he has (just like I have with my Mastermind Group at the Entrepreneurs Circle in…

We're at a Crossroads - Where Do We Go From Here?

Ultimate Customer Service Training Programme
Ever had one of those “crossroads” moments – I don’t mean the Midlands Motel type with Meg Mortimer, Benny and Sandy delivering rubbish dialogue against an even worse…

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