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Would the Real Sales Lady Please Stand Up

Stand up when you're selling - it'll increase your performance and work wonders for your results.
Apologies for the wanton sexism, but I couldn’t resist the title! On the occasions I have been into sales-focused Contact Centres, it has often crossed my mind to ask why…

Little Things That Can Make A BIG Difference

Little things that you can do in your business that can improve customer service and the perception your customers have of your brand.
No, I’m not talking about myself although us “five-foot-somethings” are useful and effective little people! I’m thinking something more along the lines of the Tesco…

Why You Need Training Agreements

If you have concerns about an employee leaving the business either during the training or on completion of the training then having a training agreement could help you to ensure that you, the employer, are protected.
I'm sure you've heard the old adage that says "What if I train my people and they all leave?" to which the tried and tested response is always "What if you don't and they…

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